Federal Budget 2020からtemporary visaに関して

今日アナウンスされたFederal Budget 2020に関して、temporary visaに関してのアナウンスもありましたので、速報でお伝えします。



International students, who haven’t had much support so far during the pandemic, will have the 40-hour-a-fortnight work limit waived if they work in supermarkets (until April next year), aged care or disability care. Student visa holders studying relevant medical courses are also exempt if they are supporting COVID-19 health efforts.


Working holiday maker visa holders working in food processing or the agricultural sector will be eligible for a further visa and exempt from the six-month limit with one employer.


Seasonal worker program and Pacific labour scheme workers, and other visa holders currently in the agricultural sector whose visas are expiring, may have their visas extended for up to 12 months.


The visa application charge for temporary visa holders affected by the COVID-19 travel ban will be refunded or waived. Prospective marriage, Pacific labour scheme and seasonal worker program visa holders will be able to access a refund.


Temporary skilled workers, working holiday makers and visitor visa holders will be eligible to have the charge for a subsequent visa application waived, to allow them to return to Australia once travel restrictions are lifted.


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