COVID19感染状況 7/10


感染総数 8359
前日比 +300

VIC +288(+281)
NSW +14
WA +3
NT +1
ACT +1


VIC New and Recent Non Cluster case(7/8-7/10の報告)

Embrada Moonee Valley Aged Care 1 Staff member
Woolworth Pacific Werribee 1 worker
Donut King Werribee 1 worker
Boorai Childcare Ocean Groove 1 childHoyts Northland
Metro Tunnel Workers 2 workers
BaptCare the Orchards Community Aged care 1 staff member
Benetas St George’s Altona Meadows Aged care 1 staff member
BlueCross Ivanhoe Aged care 1 staff member
Aurrunm Agedcare Healesville 1 staff member
St Vincent’s Hospital 1 doctor
Nurse Royal Women’s Hospital 1 nurse
Nurse Royal Melbourne Hospital 1 nurse
PM FRESH Catering 1 worker
Doutta Galla, Lynch’s Bridge 1 staff member


Epworh (Hawthorn), Northern(Epping), Sunshine, Brunswick Private, Royal Melbourne


公営住宅からの感染 トータル111
Al-Taqwa College トータル113
Stanford Plaza Hotek トータル43